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A Free Software Computer, Easy and Preinstalled

The OpenGate, the customizable counterpart to the EasyGate, is a small PC working under EasyOS, a GNU/Linux distribution focused on ease of use. It allows to perfom all the common tasks requiring a computer (Web browsing, text & image editing, etc.) in a very intuitive way compared to traditional distributions, while preserving users from proprietary traps found on most of the bigger OS available on the market.


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A distribution - EasyOS

The small computer, preconfigured, has an operating system entirely made of Free Software applications, includes an ADSL router and all the applications needed for standard use. These applications (Iceweasel, Abiword, Gnumeric, Gqview, Gimp, MPlayer...) are integrated into a GNU/Linux distribution made with ease of use in mind. The developped applications and software modifications are all released under Free Software Licenses (GPL or original license of the software, Art Libre License for graphical data).

Small PC - OpenGate & EasyGate

The OpenGate and the EasyGate have been designed to be :

  • Robust. They are entirely made of non-mechanical pieces (the hard drive is replaced by flash memory)
  • Evolutionary. They can be extended at the hardware level through modules, and allow the use of USB peripherals. A full-time development team continuously contributes to improve and grow the EasyOS distribution.
  • Ecological. They have a very low enrgy consumption (8W for the router, 12W for the PC) and is very silent.

The Free Software project is financed by the service around the EasyGate.